This article is for small businesses who use Xero


  • Use Xero to register your business to the Peppol network so you can receive e-invoices.

  • E-invoices will be sent directly to Xero and can be opened as draft bills.


How it works

Register your business with the Peppol network to receive e-invoices in Xero. Once your business information is verified and registration is complete, you’ll be able to receive e-invoices from your supplier directly in Xero. You can receive e-invoices even if your supplier is using a different software system.

We use the Peppol network because it’s the framework that the New Zealand and Australian governments adopted for standardised e-invoicing.

Your business information in Xero, including its legal business name, entity type and registered address, helps to verify and register your business with Peppol. Only certain business entities can be registered to receive e-invoices. Entity types that you can register with include:

  • Private companies

  • Discretionary trusts

  • Family partnerships

  • Individual/sole traders

  • Limited partnerships

  • Local government entities

  • Other partnerships, trust strata-titles and unincorporated entities

Your organisation needs a business contact and a legal representative for registration. The business contact will act as the point of contact for communications about Peppol e-invoicing. The legal representative should be someone that has the authority to act on behalf of the business. This can be the same person.


Before you start

  • Make sure you’ve added your business’s ABN in your organisation’s settings. This needs to match the information on file with the ATO.

  • You need to have the advisor or standard user role to register your Xero organisation with Peppol.

  • Choose a business contact and a legal representative for registration. This can be the same person.


Register to receive e-invoices

  1. In the Business menu, click Bills to pay.

  2. Click Receive e-invoices, then click Register to receive e-invoices.

  3. Enter your business’s ABN, then click Search for business information.

  4. Verify your business information, then click Yes, these details are correct.

  5. Enter details for the business contact and legal representative. Select the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions.

  6. Click Complete registration to receive e-invoices.

Your business is now registered with the Peppol network. It’s name will be listed in the Peppol network directories. Your business is now set up to receive e-invoices from your suppliers.


Receiving e-invoices

When you receive an e-invoice it will automatically appear in Xero as a draft bill. Log in to open the draft bill in Xero. From there, you can approve the bill or add a planned payment date.