An “Accounting Cloud Integrator” is a highly skilled and experienced business systems consultant with accounting knowledge who can analyse the operational requirements of a small business and assist in the selection of the best software in the marketplace and match it to the accounting software being used.


For a small business owner making the right choice in a now extremely crowded marketplace is both difficult and confusing. Software developers sell software and do not generally spend the time to see if their software is truly suited to the operational needs of a prospective client!


By engaging the services of an independent Cloud Integrator, small business owners can have the confidence that the app chosen to integrate with their accounting software will truly match their current and future needs.


There are now countless apps for practically every industry and business function. The following is a list of industries and typical business functions covered by apps.

Easily track and manage sales opportunities and contacts.

Automatically sync your sales data into your financial management software.

Tools to connect apps and save on data entry.

Make accurate time tracking and rostering a breeze.

Make managing inventory and orders easy, in real time.

Get beautiful insights into your financial data with advanced reporting tools.

Spend more time growing your online store and less time managing your finances

At Accounting Advisors our Co-founder is an experienced and Xero accredited Cloud Integrator. Josephine Roberts has helped many business owners across a wide range of industries to find the right 3rd party app. We are always on the lookout for what’s new in the market and road testing the apps.

Meet our Cloud Integration expert Josephine Roberts