Accounting vs Bookkeeping?


How is accounting different to bookkeeping? Bookkeeping seeks to record and balance all your transactions, whilst accounting involves analysis of your results.


With our team of expert Accountants we help your business prosper by:

  • Creating and monitoring budgets for your business

  • Training you to understand and keep a track of your cashflow

  • Working with you to understand the numbers behind your business, your break-even point, overhead calculations and how this affects pricing

  • Analyse your results monthly or quarterly against your plans and tweak things to get your desired goals

Proactive Tax Advisory Services


Many small business owners underestimate the importance of a proactive tax agent and proper tax planning.  There is no use going to a tax agent at the end of June and expecting miracles to happen!   

As a small business operator, you should be in contact with your tax advisor if not on a quarterly basis at least twice a year. 

Planning the year ahead and forecasting your profit or loss will be hugely advantageous in legally minimising the amount of tax you need to pay. 


Some of the questions a good tax advisor will be able to help you with are: 

  • Sole trader, company or trust – which is better for me? 

  • Why am I paying too much tax? 

  • What deductions can I claim in my business? 

  • Should I purchase or lease a new asset? 

  • What are the benefits of self-managed superfund? 

  • What is the right structure for an investment property? 

  • Pros and cons of entering into a partnership? 

  • What remuneration can I provide to my employees over and above wages? 

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Our taxation services are wide ranging and include helping you to setup and register your sole trader entity, company, or trust.  More importantly we offer tax planning advice which allows clients to benefit from forecasting end of year scenarios and allows us to come up with the most favourable outcome for your small business. 

Thinking of switching advisors?  Maybe you need to get a second opinion?  We offer a no-obligation consultation.  Click here and tell us a little about yourself and your concerns. 

Meet our Tax and Accounting expert Kevin Dinh