As a Retailer or a Wholesaler your life revolves around inventory and we understand the challenges which arise from the nature of your operations.


  • Too much stock, not enough stock, dead stock

  • Correct pricing and standing out from the competition

  • Expensive retail and or wholesale premises to conduct your business from

  • For wholesalers who are importing, foreign exchange fluctuations

  • Logistics of getting your products to customers or consumers on time and on budget

  • Lead time in getting your products from manufacturer or wholesaler to customers

  • Need to diversify sales channels to capture all markets

  • Importance of e-commerce platforms to support your bricks and mortar store

  • Negotiating a favourable commercial lease in an optimum location

  • Tax bills based on profitability whilst cash is scarce due to high stock levels

  • Implementing the best stock control software for your needs

  • Making sure you are employing staff under the correct award and paying them accordingly.

  • Incentivising sales staff to get your products out the door

  • When to discount to reduce stock levels and keep your cashflow going

Talk to us about your concerns and how we can help to turn your business around, double your turnover or simply get it ready for sale.

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