How do you know you need a Cloud Integrator?

For small businesses, Cloud-based business applications are the new normal. Lured by the promise of real-time insights, reduced complexity and lower-costs. SMBs are all-in on the benefits of SaaS solutions.

However, smaller business doesn’t always mean ‘easier’. Small businesses are just as complex and can benefit from the same business solutions as their larger counterparts.

We often encounter customers who started small and now that they are growing and adding more solutions, are wasting time copying data from one system to another. Manually adding information captured from their websites or struggling to get a complete view of their business across multiple data-sources.

Wouldn’t it be good if all of your systems automatically spoke to each other—in real time?

The good news is that they can. By working with a specialist cloud integrator like Accounting Advisors, you can integrate your various solutions and finally deliver on all of the promises of the cloud: Smarter, faster, more informed and affordable business.

If you’ve already invested in the solutions, what are the benefits of investing more time and money in a cloud integration partner?

Getting the most out of your investment in technology hinges upon the way it’s implemented and adopted within your organization. Integrating your systems can offer a range of benefits for your business, your staff, suppliers, partners and customers – including:

  • Increased efficiency of business processes: Orders and bookings made on your website can be validated instantly and processed automatically, with updates shared amongst all stakeholders and business partners in real time

  • Improved accuracy of information: With data being fed between your systems automatically, the chance of introducing human error is reduced – and your stock levels and financial records remain constantly up-to-date

  • Reduced operational costs: Automating your business processes means that staff can spend less time copying information from one system to another, while integrating useful web services from payment services like PayPal into your website can add powerful functionality without the cost of developing from scratch.

Cloud integration is easier and more affordable than you might think. Inefficiencies in your business become profit leaks.


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