Lets start with ‘Cloud Integration – what is it?’


Accounting Advisors offer cloud integration by advising on the selection of accounting add-ons designed to increase business efficiency. Businesses don’t always work as they should. But they can. With the right knowledge, software options and implementation skills, you can transform the way your business works.

Accounting software is great at delivering the overall picture of your finances. But what about your business workflows and avoiding duplication of data? Our industry experience of over two decades has given us the knowledge of how various industries operate and in particular we have assisted many retailers/wholesalers, tradies and contractors, allied health professionals and everyone in between.

It can be tricky to integrate your various business systems correctly. To do it well with a clear understanding of your business processes and the best technology options for you is a new and emerging skill set that is difficult to find.

There are over 4000 add-ons in the “Xero Eco-system” alone, so recommending one is not something you can do lightly, you need to invest time in selecting the best add-on and we realise that most business owners just don’t have the time or expertise to wade through the many endless options.

Our first stage is to understand your business, how you operate, the challenges you face and then the solutions that will work for you. Our passion is to find the best possible solution for your business and get it into your business and working for you. That’s very rewarding work and what we love because ultimately it changes the business lives of our clients.

Once we have found and implemented the right solution for your business, we make the process easy for you and give you the training and support need to make a smooth transition.

The Cloud Integration Process – What are the Steps?


Charting a course for business growth and having a system which will be suited to current and future requirements involves a 5 step process.

1) Scoping Session(s) – the first scoping session hopes to establish the business requirements

2) Brief – Once the client agrees on the extent of the scope, then a brief is formalized and Accounting Advisors will then ask client to review it so that all stakeholders agree before a search begins.

3) Market Place Search – A search is conducted for add-ons and accounting software which will work together to fulfill the requirements agreed upon. The market place search typically involves Accounting Advisors providing the brief to chosen software developers and ensuring that the solution is the best fit.

4) Selection Process

5) Implementation

We will ask you for a typical project and use this as a test for how the application handles your unique business requirements. We will involve you in this process along the way so you can have input and we can be assured that we have not omitted anything which is critical in the way you do business.

Evaluation of the solution also involves investigation into the software developer’s user base, genuine testimonials, time in business and ability to provide support along with pricing. We also consider the add-ons connectivity with your accounting program – does the integration work seamlessly?

Prior to committing to an add-on we always recommend you trial the system for up to one month by replicating your sales and purchases and this includes creating a test accounting database to feed the data into.

Implementation – depending on the software chosen, we can assist in implementation and training or act as project managers to ensure that the software vendors who more often than not implement the software are fully aware of your workflow processes and are able to translate these into their software.

We have partnered with the following add-on Vendors to name a few, however our focus is to find the right software fit for your business including new and emerging add-ons.